Etchings in copper: 

The following etchings tell a story of girls accused of and denounced for withcraft. Softground on copper, 9”x12”

Monotypes, oil based ink printed on BFK, all approx 11 x 15

In the body of etchings below I built figurative kinetic puppets out of discarded materials – bones, garbage, tinsel, bits of broken furniture, etc. I installed these puppets so that natural forces (gravity, wind, rain, snow, heat, and animals) animated them to autonomously inscribe marks onto copper etching plates. These plates were covered with a sensitive coating (called a ‘ground’) that documented the sculpture’s act of creation. The results of these inscribed marks are printed alongside my own rendering of each figure.

First image: a documentation of the process, photo by Jacob Koestler

All etchings are 15" x 20," soft ground and engraving

Relief prints carved from linoleum or birch plywood, and printed in oil-based ink

Risograph prints, editioned by Anna Tararova/Empress Editions