• Artworks on this page are for sale.  

  • All works on paper are one-offs, hand-drawn by yours truly.

  • Limited edition prints produced on presses or weird outdated hand-powered machines (no digital prints)

  • Artworks shipped flat, with matboard backing &  plastic sleeve.

  • Pricing includes shipping/handling within the continental USA

  • Proceeds support my continued artistic production.  Thank you. 


“Whiptail at Posi-Ouinge”
hand-carved, hand-printed lineoleum cut
Printed in oil based ink on handmade mulberry paper
Limited edition of 30

Whiptails are a female-only species that procreates through a fascinating process called parthenogensis.  This print is based on my encounter with one on pottery-shard-laden Posi-Ouinge land.


“Jewish Cemetery, Prague”
8.5” x 11,” Rapidograph ink and Sennelier watercolor on heavyweight Arches

Drawn on sight in the fabulously haunted Jewish cemetery in Prague, where burials have been layered over top of each other for centuries.

“Castles in the sky”
8.5” x 11,” watercolor and micron pen on heavyweight Arches

How fabulous cities must have looked to medieval peasants

“Sunset with the Pod”
8” x 10,” acrylic ink on cream Stonehenge

A heard of walruses is called a pod.

These were drawn from a diorama at the Field Museum in Chicago

“Lisa Frank on LSD”
4” x 5,” gouache on Stonehenge

Years of Lisa Frank folders and notebooks in my youth did a number on my subconscious 

“Owl Dreams”
8.5” x 11,” acrylic ink on heavyweight Arches

Not a restful night of sleep.

Based off of sculptures from the art deco section of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC

“Open Up Baby”
8.5” x 11,” acrylic ink on heavyweight Arches 

Based on recurrent nightmares of being force-fed psychotropic berries by pushy birds who don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

“Tubers and Cigs”
8.5” x 11,” acrylic ink on heavyweight Arches

A humble repast by the seaside. 

“Athena & Pals”
8.25” x 6,” rapidograph ink on heavyweight Arches

In this case, the goddess Athena identifies as genderqueer, has an undercut, and sleeps on a mattress on the floor

“Just Mammals”
8.25” x 6,” rapidograph ink on heavyweight Arches 

The delicacy with which I painted this small ink drawing is meant to contrast with the weird and uncomfortable nature of its content.

“Big Mamma”
8” x 10” Copic Markers on Archival Marker Paper

Inspired by a real dog at the Durham ASPCA.  She has since been happily adopted into a loving home, but this drawing remains available.

“Sphinx Constults Oracle”
8.5” x 11,” rapidograph ink & watercolor on heavyweight Arches

Even sphinxes need guidance sometimes.  The oracle in question is part beast, part futuristic machine.

“Zen Archer”
8.5” x 11,” rapidograph ink & watercolor on heavyweight Arches

I don’t pretend to have any knowledge of zen, and this is a reference to nothing except my random thoughts.

“Queer Dance Party”
8.5” x 11,” Charcoal Pencil on various BFKs, Rice paper paste

And you’re invited 

“Friday Night & It’s Lit”
8.5” x 11,” Charcoal Pencil on BFK

Bring your friends.

“Dream Woodshop”
8.5” x 11,” Charcoal Pencil on various BFKs, Rice paper paste

 Significantly different demographic here than in the woodshops I’ve worked in, but hey, a girl can dream.  

“Anything Helps”
8.5” x 11,” Charcoal Pencil on BFK

 We all make bad choices sometimes. 

“Suburban Gargoyle”
8” x 10,” Fountain pen ink on watercolor paper, rice pasted onto archival black hot press Canson paper

Two smaller drawings make up this larger drawing of a mastiff and her lair

*Warning: Non Archival Materials*

“Old God”
8.5” x 11,” ball point pens and highlighters on ledgerbook page

I drew this as an in-person adjunct instructor, during class time while my students were completing tests.  The ledgerbook was one I used to take attendance and the drawing materials were supplied by the community college at no additional cost to adjuncts.

I cannot guarantee that the paper, pens, and highlighter I used are of archival grade, and I suspect they are not, which means they might fade or deteriorate over time.   Hence, the price for this piece is lower than comparable archivally made drawings.

4” x 8” Gouache on Arches

This is a tiny little painting of a pedigreed lab.  Framed photos of her ancestors adorn the walls behind her.